I have something of a scientific bent, even for this obviously fantasy game. This means that I occasionally give far too much thought to basic things like the following:

Doveria is a helio-centric Earth-Like planet with about twice the surface area of Earth. It has three moons in a 1:2:4 resonant orbit. It’s the fourth planet in its solar system, which includes seven other planets (that its denizens know about), an asteroid belt, and the usual smattering of comets and the like.

Doveria’s three moons are Tania, Galen, and Zorya.

Galen is a small moon with a thick atmosphere of greenish clouds. The shapes of those clouds are visible to the naked eye as a mass of ever-changing greenish swirls. Galen’s phases occur in approximately 24 days, and it is these phases that the entire modern calendar is based on.

Zorya is an orange-red version of Luna, a rust-colored wasteland pockmarked with craters and other scars. It appears the largest in the sky, and takes about two months to orbit the planet. Zorya’s “second pass” is considered the beginning of a transition from one season to another.

Tania is a multi-hued blue moon with pale, puffy clouds, a dark ocean, and teal-colored land masses. Its revolution lasts four months, or an entire season.


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