The Eastlands

The Eastlands are a broad term for most of the Crescent Continent and the surrounding islands. They’re home to a large number of Elves, Azhim, and Humans, as well as some Halflings and migrant Dwarves.

There are Four countries on the Crescent Continent:
Crylax is a confederacy of monarchies, if that makes any sense, that takes up the largest portion of the Crescent Continent.

Durendan makes up the northern quarter of the continent, and is mostly dark marshes full of valuable featherwood and fossil fuels. It was once ruled by the massazi, who are now second-class citizens in human cities – the ones that bow down or are captured, anyway.

Lothmiriden is the last and newest home of the remaining Elves, who are rightfully suspicious – and often outright hateful – of other Races.

The Azh-Turim territories are a collection of tribal territories guarded by proud hunters. The mountains themselves make it difficult enough for civilization to spread into these territories, with their dangerous beasts and craggy peaks, but it’s the local Azhim Tribes and Orc Clans that really drive settlers out. With no concept of money or monarchy, no respect for the Eight Divines, and no patience for the weak, these savages refuse to give up their land – even in the face of wizardry and airships.

The Eastlands

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