Ingoll of Blackfang

An Orc making a living as a hunter, trapper, and beast tamer near Vexbright.


Ingoll, as an Orc, stands at around six and a half feet tall, with a wiry, corded frame. Her black hair holds a purplish sheen, and her eyes are an icy blue. She’s a fairly young Orc, only around sixteen to eighteen – though Orcs mature somewhat faster than Humans, so she’s physically as developed as a human in her twenties. While she shares the ridged forehead and protruding tusks of many Orcs, the shape of her nose and cheeks almost make her look cute. For an Orc.

Her clothes are spartan; function and comfort over fashion. They’re also usually dirty and road-worn. She favors furs and leathers, with some basic tribal decorations. She wears a necklace of teeth and bones, the most prominent of which is a large, black fang in the center.

Never far behind Ingoll is her trusted crocodile, Flotsam, who seems much quicker and more agile on land than one would expect from a normal crocodile. His slitted eyes shine with a wary intelligence.


So far, all that is known of Ingoll’s history is that she is the “Last” of the Blackfang Clan, which was – according to her – relatively peaceful, before they all disappeared. She hasn’t described what happened to the Blackfang, but evidence suggests they were turned into an army of marauding zombies.

Ingoll of Blackfang

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